Mascot and Cheerleaders

The official mascot  of the Chicago Bulls is Benny the Bull. Benny joined the Bulls in the late 1960’s to become the first NBA mascot to appear courtside. Dressed in a Bulls’ #1 jersey, Benny is a mischievous Bull as his favorite game-time activities include spilling popcorn on fans, stealing children’s shoes, and flirting with the Luvabulls, the Bulls’ dance team. Time to time, Benny is joined by his big brother, Big Ben, and the Bulls’ team pet, Benji.

The Luvabulls have been with the Chicago Bulls for 32 years and are one of the most popular dance groups in all of sports. The cheerleaders must be at least 21 years old and either full-time students or employees. They hold rehearsals two nights a week to practice for their half-time and side-line dance routines. Although the uniforms may vary, they are the same colors as the Bulls’ uniforms: black, white, and red. In addition to attending all of the Bulls’ home games, the Luvabulls have also appeared at basketball tournaments in Europe, and multiple events during the year. These include award banquets, promotional parties, and charity events. In April 2012, the Luvabulls helped jumpstart Dreamz Elite Allstars, a competitive cheerleading program in the local Illinois area.