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Chicago Bulls 97, Atlanta Hawks 58: Yes, You Read That Right

January 15th, 2013 at 8:33 AM
By Caleb Nordgren

The Atlanta Hawks scored 5 points in the second quarter. That is not a typo.

The Chicago Bulls beat the ever-loving crap out of the Hawks last night at the United Center. And what's funny is that they did not play well while doing so. They shot terribly, but the Hawks shot worse. They made just enough plays to win, but the Hawks honestly looked like they might be throwing the game for extended stretches.

This game was fantastically ugly in so many ways. The Bulls opened the second quarter on a 10-0 run, but that run took almost half the quarter. Even as the Hawks were throwing up bricks like there was no tomorrow, the Bulls weren't faring much better. But the Hawks were just sooooooooooo bad it didn't matter.

I'm just going to end this right here, because we should really never speak of this again. This should pretty well sum things up.

Stat of the Night:

Player o' the Game: Taj Gibson, for giving us this highlight reel dunk.

That's all for now. Have a happy day and think not of this game.

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