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Report: Chicago Bulls Exploring Sign-And-Trade for Jamal Crawford or Arron Afflalo

December 4th, 2011 at 3:46 PM
By Jason Patt

The NBA rumor mill keeps churning. Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld reports that the Chicago Bulls are exploring the possibility of a sign-and-trade for either Jamal Crawford or Arron Afflalo. Kennedy says the Bulls are trying to "get creative" with a deal that could land one of the two guards, with Ronnie Brewer believed to be a part of the package the Bulls would offer. 

I've already expressed my concerns about Crawford, but Afflalo would be a dream. He's young (just 26 years old) and is ready to break out in a big way. Furthermore, he's a two-way player, something Crawford is not. 

Since Afflalo is a restricted free agent, acquiring him is a bit more complicated than the unrestricted Crawford. As a RFA, the Nuggets can match anything the Bulls offer Afflalo. And because of his talent and the Nuggets' current situation, it will likely take a hefty offer to pry him away from Denver

A package to consider for Afflalo is Brewer and either Omer Asik or Taj Gibson. If Nene leaves Denver, the Nuggets will need a big man to fill his void. Because the Bulls have such good frontcourt depth, one of Asik and Gibson are expendable, especially considering they are both going to be due raises soon. While Brewer and one of the two big men may seem like a lot to give up, if Afflalo reaches his potential, it would be worth it. 

Things are about to get real fun. Stay tuned. 







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