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Bulls front office needs to pick a lane so recruiting can begin

Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade are all in on playing the recruiting game to add to the roster, but they await the front office deciding on a direction.

Bad ‘O’? Worse ‘D’? A booed coach? A broken roster? That’s Bull

It's the Bucket List — 10 observations on the end of a sad, stultifying Bulls season.

Bulls’ Bobby Portis Played Through 3rd-Degree Burn On Foot Late In Season

Portis suffered the injury when he left a heating pad on too long before a game.

Dwyane Wade’s return to Bulls will be a ‘Dwyane Wade decision’

The 35-year-old owns the $23.8 million player option for next season, and explained the process he will go through to reach that decision.

In Weighing Future, Dwyane Wade Awaits Word On Bulls’ Direction

Wade holds a player option to return to the Bulls for $23.8 million in 2017-'18.

Dwyane Wade has Fred Hoiberg’s back, boos and all

Wade said that the booing of Hoiberg that went on in Game 6 wasn't fair, and that the front office needs to help their coach continue to grow.

Bulls season over, Bullshit season just getting underway

watch GarPax try and spin this one

Does Jimmy Butler Want Rajon Rondo Back With The Bulls? ‘Of Course’

The Bulls essentially hold an option on the veteran Rondo, who's guaranteed $3 million next season.

Westerlund: Bulls Go Quietly In Game 6, Into The Offseason

The Bulls fell 105-83 to the Celtics in a Game 6 in which their effort waned and flaws were again exposed.

Bottom line on the Bulls: Thank goodness that’s over

RICK MORRISSEY: Four straight losses to the Celtics is exactly what the Bulls are.


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